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Dax A.

Dax has spent the greater part of the last decade working and studying in Tokyo, Japan. Sadly this was a life largely bereft of animal contact which led Dax to return to Vancouver where he is currently studying animal biology at UBC in the hopes of finding a meaningful career working with and for animals. Dax’s hobbies include hiking, nature photography, and manhandling other people’s pets until he can settle down and recreate the at-home zoo of his childhood.

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Cindy C.

Cindy is a 2012 Graduate of UBC with a BSc in Applied Animal Biology. She also graduated from Granville Business College with a diploma in Veterinary Office Assistant. Cindy aspires to one day become a Veterinarian with a specialty in exotic animals. Cindy grew up with many different pets ranging from dogs to tortoises and can’t wait to get a new pet. Don’t hesitate to say hello when you meet her!

Alice K.

Alice graduated with a BSc in Animal Biology at UBC.  She has always been fascinated and inspired by animals, big and small, and yearns to learn about more by working with them.  As a vet assistant at Hemlock Animal Hospital, she is discovering something new about animals almost every day. 

Dr. Harjeet Makkar (Harry)
Dr.Harry has been practicing as a Veterinarian since 1994.Since 2007, he has been working in different clinics in Lower Mainland on a regular basis.This gave him the opportunity to see how different practices operated-What worked well and What he could do differently.He has succeeded in turning the best of What he's learned into a comfortable and efficient practice.

Dr. Gurmeet Makkar
Dr.Gurmeet obtained a Bachelor in Veterinary Sciences degree in 1996 and later Masters in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology in 1998.Since then she has been practicing  and  helping and educating clients about their pet's needs.She is sincere ,hardworking and friendly.She enjoys living in Vancouver with her husband, kids and little shihtzu X named Peaches.

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